once upon a time when Pete Rock signed my mpc

Behind the Breaks episode 2: Pete Rock + Mack Wilds, one of 8 eps we shot. I was post producing each peace and shooting, so we would go on location to scout before each shoot.  The producer Tee said he had an mpc and would bring one in as a prop, I said I'd bring mine too.  After the shoot he ended up signing both of our machines... I've met a lot of important people in my travels and in my career, but this was special for me.  Him being one of the greatest producers of all time, and me trying to emulate his style growing up, along with Dilla's and others alike.  That was as special as when I got to interview Dj Premiere, just a step further... moments you don't forget

(not used to being in photos (below) but was trying to look relaxed in it)

Now I have to retire this 2000XL and get another and just put this one on display somewhere safe in the house

"Fresh Out the Box" | Edit

When popular youtube sneaker "unboxer" Foamer Simpson did a ten episode deal with Complex entitled "Fresh Out the Box", I thought that I'd just be taking the footage and throwing bug on it and then exporting.  But when I got the idea to incorporate B-roll from the net to match his stories and general commentary I got the freedom to be a post-producer in making the decisions on the content to incorporate and arrange in all the episodes.  It was a refreshing change of pace to take my eyes off of promos and sizzles to work on an episodic show.  I did all ten eps, and I believe after his licensing deal was up he took his show back to its original youtube channel.  The acquisition of material from youtube channels into big brands is interesting.  Something I've been paying attention to for a while now.  

Profoto | Jaleel King | Yahzilla

Recently created a commercial that highlighted friend/photog Jaleel King on his endorsement with Profoto.  They recently gave 18 hand picked photographers new equipment and Jaleel was one of them.  We did our piece on the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philly on a cold day.  Had a great time as usual and happy for the continued success and momentum of Jaleel.  Check him out at http://www.jaleelking.com  

Below is the finished piece. Film | Edit | Audio Recording by YZProductions

Community News Highlight

Back in September I started a local online Community Service project for the town that I grew up in and currently live in called Willingboro, Nj.  The show is called "the Willingboro Project", which is a docu-series that highlights positivity, issues, and awareness in each part.  The first two part 30 minute segments have been released and are about the local high school, housing, and business.  This project is to promote a boost in pride and give a platform for issues that the local population collectively agree on.   The local Newspaper interviewed myself and Jefferey Carey (a favored teacher in the community) about the project and it's future.


Complex Kendrick Lamar Issue

In the Kendrick Lamar/Lana Del Rey Issue Complex decided to highlight the workers in their tv division Complex Tv by doing a photo shoot and putting all of their photos in a spread.  

If you look hard enough in this photo beneath you might find me.  This is the first time I've ever had my photograph in a print magazine.  A small acknowledgment to look back on I suppose.  

Throwback: The Roots annual picnic era

When I was doing work with okay player (the Roots website) every time summer came around I knew I'd be on Delaware Ave in Philly filming the Roots Annual Summer Picnic festival.  The first year I shot it on behalf of the source, and the last two years I did it for the okayplayer staff.  Hot days, running from main stage to the tent shooting any and everything, artists everywhere backstage, shooting interviews in trailers and then running to catch performances.  It was a great learning experience on these shoots.  Best moment was having the entire press pit cleared for Nas' performance with the Roots and being the only photog/videographer allowed to be in the press pit... times I won't forget    

Throwback: Hugh Masakela in Central Park

This was a project I got through Okayplayer.com when I was doing work for them.  I heard the great South African Jazz legend Hugh Masakela was performing in Central Park.  So I made a few phone calls, got my press credentials and did this piece for their sister site OkayAfrica.  He was very sharp, sweet, wise, funny, and playful and gave probably the most meaningful video/interview I've ever been a part of.  I was honored to not only be in his presence but glad I hand wrote all of the questions instead of just being a hired hand to shoot.  His commentary was thoughtful and filled with timeless quotables and wisdom.  I'm honored sill to this day.  I don't take photos as much as I shoot video, but I took this photo, which I printed and framed and is on display at my mother's home.  

Throwback: Andre Iguodala

On a shoot that I did years ago for the source magazine, I was put on a project to film a behind the scenes video of a photo shoot of a new spread called Jock Meets Jock.  At the time Andre Igodala was playing for the 76ers.  I did the shoot, it went well. for the video I asked him a few questions on camera.  Come to find out later on the magazine was asking me if I could transcribe the q&a session so it could go into the magazine.  So not only did I get to do the behind the scenes video but I also got credit as the journalist in the print magazine by chance.  That was a good moment. 

Throwback: The Source J Cole

A throwback picture to maybe the year 2011.  My introduction to doing work with the Source magazine.  I collected The Source Mag for years when I was younger (still have many crates of old issues in my old studio collecting dust) So it felt good to have some of my work be with them at this point in my life.  He signed the cover after the interview I filmed.  That day introduced me to a series of fortune events for years to come.  I was prepared which was the only thing that helped from that moment on... 

Chibi Yahzilla / Logo

I knew that when I wanted to get a logo I wanted to have something that represented my personality and not just have a sterile, plain looking logo that most have.  As a kid I watched a lot of Japanese anime films and shows (and still do) which was the beginning of my infatuation and appreciation for artistic things.  I already took the "zilla" name from my being a fan of Godzilla films, so I wanted to have an anime character in my logo.  He is "chibi" - yahzilla "little".. a kid version of myself as a kid.  

My favorite mangaka is Akira Toriyama and as homage to him I wanted the character to be a homage to his character Arale from his world famous Dr Slump manga.  Akira Toriyama is also and mostly known for his creating, writing, and illustrating of the world famous Dragonball + DragonballZ. 

So I took an illustration from the net and designed the picture in photoshop how I'd like for it to look before reaching out to a very talented artist named Science Ninja Kid to do the illustration.  

His first sketch

His second sketch


Final. I was very happy with the outcome.