Chibi Yahzilla / Logo

I knew that when I wanted to get a logo I wanted to have something that represented my personality and not just have a sterile, plain looking logo that most have.  As a kid I watched a lot of Japanese anime films and shows (and still do) which was the beginning of my infatuation and appreciation for artistic things.  I already took the "zilla" name from my being a fan of Godzilla films, so I wanted to have an anime character in my logo.  He is "chibi" - yahzilla "little".. a kid version of myself as a kid.  

My favorite mangaka is Akira Toriyama and as homage to him I wanted the character to be a homage to his character Arale from his world famous Dr Slump manga.  Akira Toriyama is also and mostly known for his creating, writing, and illustrating of the world famous Dragonball + DragonballZ. 

So I took an illustration from the net and designed the picture in photoshop how I'd like for it to look before reaching out to a very talented artist named Science Ninja Kid to do the illustration.  

His first sketch

His second sketch


Final. I was very happy with the outcome.