once upon a time when Pete Rock signed my mpc

Behind the Breaks episode 2: Pete Rock + Mack Wilds, one of 8 eps we shot. I was post producing each peace and shooting, so we would go on location to scout before each shoot.  The producer Tee said he had an mpc and would bring one in as a prop, I said I'd bring mine too.  After the shoot he ended up signing both of our machines... I've met a lot of important people in my travels and in my career, but this was special for me.  Him being one of the greatest producers of all time, and me trying to emulate his style growing up, along with Dilla's and others alike.  That was as special as when I got to interview Dj Premiere, just a step further... moments you don't forget

(not used to being in photos (below) but was trying to look relaxed in it)

Now I have to retire this 2000XL and get another and just put this one on display somewhere safe in the house